A Grid For Evaluating Music

You need to ask good questions about the music you hear and sing and play.

Questions related to truth and worldview:

1. What is this song saying?

    • Ask this of the words; the music doesn't "say" anything.

2. What worldview is expressed in the words of the song?

    • What does the song say about God, the world around us, reality, humanity, the meaning of life, right and wrong, etc.?

3. Are the words true? Are they biblical? Are they God-honoring?

    • Philippians 4:8

Questions related to affections and emotions:

4. What affections does the music raise?

    • How does the song make me feel?

5. Are these affections reflected in the music itself or are they the result

of associations I am imposing on the music?

6. Do the affections reflected in the music faithfully express the intent

of the words?

    • Does the message of the words and the affections of the music undergird one another or distract from one another?

7. When and where and for what purpose would this song be useful?

Questions related to identity and expression:

8. Why do I want to hear (sing) this song?

9. Do I connect with this song? Is this who I am?

    • Do the words express what I want to say?

        • Why or why not?

        • Who says these kinds of words?

        • As a Christian, should I be saying this?

    • Does the music express the way I feel?

        • Why or why not?

        • Who feels this way?

        • As a Christian, should I be feeling this way about what is being said in the song?

10. Can I listen to (sing) this song to the glory of God?

    • 1 Corinthians 10:31

©2010 Ken Puls

Class Notes from "What Then Shall We Sing?"

Part 1: Thoughts on Music

Part 2: Thoughts on Music in Worship

Taught at Grace Baptist Church, Cape Coral, FL

August 22, 2010